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I've reached my quota for substance abuse, as far as this month is concerned. My kidneys and back are fucking killing me! /insert glaringly obvious observation regarding 20 year-olds.

Hmm. I'm looking for a new job, have attempted photoshop again (squee), and gotten back into the swing of things as far as art goes. Hopefully.

I'm also starting to think of what I'm going to do for Christmas, for everyone. There are several people I do geeky internet things with who I'm going to send plushie creatures, others bath beads, and for my nephews/niece, some art supplies. My parents will more than likely get gift certificates since that's just how we gift each other, my grandma's getting something pretty for her yard, and my friends are getting various things that suit their equally various interests.

How's about you, friendlist? How are you doing so far, however you celebrate your winter-related-holidays of choice?

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I need to do my fafsa completely over today. Jealous much?

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This morning I noticed how horrible my hair was, from dyeing the hell out of it and it being cold out, etc etc etc.

Because I don't have anything better to post about, than ailing goldfish who are being taken to the vet tomorrow (shall post on that later), and the people on my friendlist apparently having hair and all, I'm going to just stick with a dopey home cure.

When dealing with recently bleached hair, or hair that's been damaged by the weather, don't wash it for a day or two. Whenever you have free time, wash it in as cold of water as you can stand, lather in egg yolk (use the white for omelettes :D), douse in a little olive oil, then after about five minutes, rinse it with cold water again. Afterward, take a good conditioner like Mane and Tail, anything but Suave, as it will make your hair more porous, work it into slightly damp hair, and wrap your hair in a plastic grocery sack. Wrap a towel around that so you don't catch cold, and then rinse when you get out of bed.

Of course, if you use a blowdryer or comb it while it's still wet, you'll fuck it all up again. So just gently towel dry, or better yet, let it air dry and then use your favorite product afterward, and you'll be smooth and shiny as my dad's head.

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Tell me how your date went, as soon as FIVE MINUTES AGO.

I'm officially out of reading material, and didn't find that $167orsomething check that was mailed to me. I need to give my router number to the crazy ex-employer so I can receive the check for whatever two days of work can earn a body. lol. I should call some old friends to see if I can get pizza place work. COuldn't stand to work at McDonalds, but I could work part-time at a pizza place.

Ambien is kicking in now. Bai liebes.
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There was potential drama today, but it was averted by my superhero-esque dad, who seems awful good at this shit. He ought to apply for a job as a negotiator, like the hero in a Samuel L Jackson film (or Samuel L himself!), because he's talked more idiots down from the proverbial ledge than anyone else I know.

Finishing my financial paperwork today. School wanted my aim screenname O:<

Also: I try to watch football, I really do, but every time I hear about "tight ends" I start to laughing. Are you absolutely sure this is the manly, heterosexual all-American sport people like to claim it is, between chest pounding and high fives?

Whatever. I'll watch it, but it's still a giant game of ass tag. Go Browns!

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Ugh. I really don't feel like getting user icons, or making a layout for this thing.

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